Modern Luminaires Enabled By Latest Technology

LED lighting should be controllable so that one can create different moods and different lighting scenarios within a project. The light fixtures can be either dimmed through a phase-cut driver or an analog driver based on the automation provided at your project.

However, the most advanced way of controlling lighting is through the DALI system where each and every light fixture in your project can be digitally controlled and you have the freedom of making any combination with the light fixtures depending on your personal requirement.

DALI can be easily integrated with automation and lighting scenario settings.

With continuous advancements, LED lighting today provides a very high lumen output even in lower wattage lamps. The lighting requirement in a house is not uniform through out different times of the day . The reason is simple normally in a factory or an office you more or less do the same task throughout the day but in a house you sometime watch TV and on other times you read a book and lighting requirements in both the cases is totally different. Hence it is important that your lighting levels should be controllable as per the requirement of the day. Lighting is not only functional but also a great way of achieving your design intent. Different areas of a house have different lighting requirements which can further vary based on who is the person using the particular area. Hence it becomes very important to be able to dim the lights as and when required. The technology behind dimming a Led light is not as easy as it was for incandescent lamps. For led , one has to control the voltage as well as the current and there are different methods of dimming namely phaseout, analog and DALI. Though some types of lights can not be dimmed by phaseout technology but is the most wide spread method due to its availability and its pricing. We work on all the methods of dimming and are always ready to answer further questions of our clients on the same.

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