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For a little over two decades, HALOMAX Lighting Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has been a committed and leading provider of stylish, innovative & intelligent lighting solutions to a wide range of clients like residential projects, retail stores, office spaces, landscape & facades, to name a few.. Constantly introducing new & meaningful products for it’s customers and updating its product range to be at par with international designing is the key to our success. Lighting has always been an ever evolving industry but with the new gen LED chips provided by leading manufacturers like Bridgelux, Citizen, Cree it has opened endless possibilities of designing. Today there are numerous ways to light up a given space and various lighting moods can be created by using different fixtures and different placement techniques. We at Halomax offer a variety of lighting design options to our clients & designers to choose from to have that perfect match with the design intent.

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We Are Halomax

Our Vision & Mission - Inspiring & Fulfilling

Our Vision

We at Halomax Lighting Solutions, aim to be a the premium lighting Solutions Partner, for architects, interior designers and customers with Global Standards

Our Mission

Consistently strive to achieve product leadership through constant innovation and continuous product & process improvement.

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Lighting Design​

Expertly placed lighting by the design team at Halomax adds another dimension to a space, bringing an interior design project to life. Great lighting creates depth and height, cosy spots, and draws attention to your most impressive areas. It’s all about the balance of light and shade and bringing new energy to an interior


Custom Configuration

Different areas of a project might require different intensity of lighting due to its functional differentiation or due to the colours used in the designing or any other reason. At Halomax we can customise the configuration of light fixtures as per the requirement of each area of the site in terms of CCT, wattage etc


Experience Center

NETRAA based at chattarpur is not just a lighting store. It show you how lighting can effect the over all look of any interiors , what are the various ways of lighting up your favourite wall, how soft dimming of lights feels etc . Lighting is more about how you feel and how you perceive a space which can be best experienced at Netra. 


True Colours

It is important for the colours of objects to show as real as possible. The efficiency of any artificial light to be able to show the colours as they look under sunlight is measured by CRI colour Today we get LED which are 95+ and some times they can go as high as 98 CRI which is practically exactly same as sunlight.


200+ Luminaires

Lighting world is today growing at its fastest pace and our discerning clients deserve to get the latest products which the world has to offer. Our dedicated team of lighting designers is always working on adding new products by launching new designs almost every month.


Lighting Controls

One of the main ket features for any lighting installation is ease of control. At Halomax each light fixture can be controlled by either an app or by smart controllers provided by switch vendors. This helps its users to create different lighting scenarios and thus create different moods within the space.


Dedicated Support Team

architects who have been working with us since long often call us their lighting partners as our dedicated team understands the design intent of each project and suggests the most appropriate lighting solution for the same for various different kinds of projects. We become the one window for all lighting needs for a designer .


In-house Assembly Line

Complete in-house assembly & testing of lighting fixtures ensures that we deliver utmost quality to our clients where each parameter of the light fixture is in our control and is at par with international quality standards. Wether it is the current or the colour temp , each parameter is controlled and assembled as per site requirements.


Direct Factory to Site

To ensure that our clients get the most prompt deliveries and best prices for our products, we ensure all deliveries are done directly from the factory to the site. There is no need for any stock yard or any other stock point. In order to have seamless work running at any site it is imperative to have seamless supplies of all materials being used.

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