With continuous advancements, LED lighting today provides a very high lumen output even in lower wattage lamps. The lighting requirement in a house is not uniform through out different times of the day . The reason is simple normally in a factory or an office you more or less do the same task throughout the day but in a house you sometime watch TV and on other times you read a book and lighting requirements in both the cases is totally different. Hence it is important that your lighting levels should be controllable as per the requirement of the day. Lighting is not only functional but also a great way of achieving your design intent. Different areas of a house have different lighting requirements which can further vary based on who is the person using the particular area. Hence it becomes very important to be able to dim the lights as and when required. The technology behind dimming a Led light is not as easy as it was for incandescent lamps. For led , one has to control the voltage as well as the current and there are different methods of dimming namely phaseout, analog and DALI. Though some types of lights can not be dimmed by phaseout technology but is the most wide spread method due to its availability and its pricing. We work on all the methods of dimming and are always ready to answer further questions of our clients on the same.



In order to achieve visual comfort and uber luxury , it is important that the artificial lights does not distort the different colour which we see around us. The red and green and pink should appear in their truest colours even when we see them under indoor lightings and for this it is important to have a high CRI led light fixture. CRI or colour rendering index is the term used to measure how much close the colours under led lights are as compared to what they would have looked under natural sunlight. Today we get led lights having a CRI as high as 96 which means that the colours appear 96% closer to natural when seen under led lights. CRI is highly crucial for some areas like cosmetic stores, colour matching zones etc but it is also very important for residential interiors as it gives us visual comfort when we ae able to see the colours in their true form.


What exactly is lighting design ???  Lighting designing for any space is the art and science of achieving the intended design effect by using appropriate  lighting as perceived by the designer for a specific space.  What all does it include ? It includes —
  1. Suggesting  the placement of lighting fixtures within the space so that the light fixtures seamlessly merge within the design of the space and do not intrude in the visual appearance of other objects in that space.
  2. Selecting the appropriate light fixture based on its beam angles, cut off angles, lumen outputs, CCT, CRI etc. if the light fixture does not have the capacity to deliver the kind of lighting which is required for the given space then it will not let you achieve the end result.
  3. Making the looping drawing is another important feature so as to pre fix which light fixture should be turned ON to achieve the desired result.
  4. Highlighting the important aspects in the space wether it is a retail store where one high lights the merchandise or wether it is a commercial space where you might want to give a lighting direction to its visitors.
Hence the role of a lighting designer is very crucial for any space because eventually we see the space only because of the lighting there. At Halomax we make sure to have a huge variety of lighting fixtures which can deliver the desired effects and we work closely with Lighting consultants on various projects. We also have an in-house design team for projects which do not have any separate lighting design team.
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